CSR’s railway accessory project will export to America

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Recently, railway accessory (rubber end and rubber ball joint) produced by CSR,Zhuzhou has won maintenance orders of railway in New York, US, archiving breakthroughs in North America rail transit maintenance market orders.
Rail transit maintenance market enjoys giant scale and it is the main source of income for many international rail transportation companies. In recent years CSR Zhuzhou has cast its eyes on overseas maintenance markets and successfully won orders from Germany, Russia, Brazil and so on. Entering North America market bears great importance. It is known that there are more than 20 thousands working vehicles in North America rail transit market, the capacity of maintenance market is huge. New York railway is the rapid transit system in New York, US and also one of the most complicated public underground railway systems. Its commercial operating orbits is as long as 1,356km with over 6000 vehicles. There are more than1000 vehicles that need maintenance every year there and the capacity of maintenance is huge.
  In the course of internationalization, while consolidating overseas newly-made vehicles markets, CSR is also vigorously developing maintenance market. Previously, CSR has signed orders from Hong Kong high-speed railway, Malaysia CHR train, Turkey underground etc. Afterwards, CSR successively signed maintenance orders with them.