Global Manufacturing calling for "a third manufacturing model."

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Global Manufacturing calling for

In the context of the third industrial revolution, the world competing to make strategic adjustments to adapt to the new era of the development of the manufacturing process, such as the German industrial 4.0 proposed strategy, the United States proposed intelligent manufacturing strategy, reflecting the worldwide manufacturing revolution what kind of trend, this change in turn what impact the pattern of appliance manufacturers? "Economic Information Daily" correspondent interviewed on these issues appliance industry expert Mr. Luo Qingqi. 

        Lean Production Obsolete 
       "Economic Information Daily": the current global outbreak of a new round of positive revolution in technology and industry, particularly in the industrial sector, the world competing to adjust their strategies adapt to changes of the era, such as the US smart manufacturing strategy, the German industrial 4.0 strategy. In China, the home appliance industry, represented by the manufacturing enterprises have no factories, intelligent manufacturing restructuring, what is behind this phenomenon mean? 
        Luo Qingqi: the arrival of the third industrial revolution, so that the current prevailing world lean production methods become obsolete, new technology and the new economy calls for the birth of more advanced third manufacturing model, which is the next strategic highland global manufacturing competition. 
        From a historical dimension, the manufacturing sector has experienced mass production, lean production in two stages, currently being intelligent manufacturing propulsion. In the business logic to Ford as the representative from the initial high-volume manufacturing oriented so that a handful of elite class products to our popular products change. At this point, companies play a decisive role in the business process, companies can only produce what the user on what to buy. For this shortcoming, lean production methods to achieve the liberation of a small range of users, it can first obtain the user needs further production, but in the Internet age, this "small users" model obsolete. 
        Known as the "Internet revolution's greatest thinkers," the Clay Shirky said that the Internet era is the era of everyone, each person is unique presence, a massive individual needs so that "no one factory" and "mass customization "has become an inevitable trend. In this case the user needs perceived by terrestrial networks lean mode can not meet the requirements of the times, companies must build up user interaction platform, through big data analytics on-demand, to provide users with a personalized experience the whole process, it will be following Ford models and the third manufacturing model to adapt to the times after the Toyota model. 
        The future of manufacturing in the data 
       "Economic Information Daily": Ford's mass production from the US to Japan, Toyota's lean manufacturing, to present intelligent manufacturing household electrical appliance enterprises began to advance, namely intelligence, automation, information technology, how to look at the evolution of manufacturing mode? 
        Luo Qingqi: Personally, I think Ford is a shortage of product production of a symbol of the industrial age, the industrial era of the Toyota Production System is a surplus of products representative of Intelligent Manufacturing is a new choice for the Internet economy manufacturing model, embodied behind them thinking the whole industry from manufacturing to users thinking changes. 
        In essence, the logic of the Ford production and the Toyota Production System are fast connection, that is, the production line is divided into N parts, each operated by skilled workers, thus reducing the production of difficulty, so that labor productivity a substantial increase in the scale of which is only based on the perspective of the manufacturing enterprise internal logic radically. But in the age of the Internet, users in the whole industry chain gradually occupy a dominant position, but with the widespread application of smart devices, labor accounted for the entire cost structure of the gradual decline of manufacturing enterprises, for whom production has become at this time deciding the status of key industry issues. From this point of view, the core task of the manufacturing sector has shifted from the traditional scale to obtain data on user needs, thinking of how to use the Internet to achieve this transformation into strategic issues facing enterprises. 
        Specific to the home appliance industry, companies need the original operating system for strategic adjustment, on the one hand fully informed of user data, allowing users to participate in the whole process of corporate R & D, production and marketing process to; on the other hand down inside and outside the enterprise "fence", polymerization global demand for quality resources in the user guide ongoing iterative upgrade products. 
        Global battle off the platform 
       "Economic Information Daily": The Third Industrial Revolution is changing the pattern of global manufacturing, with no artificial rise of digital manufacturing, some household electrical appliance enterprises in Europe and America began to return, China also born like Changhong "no factory" such leading manufacturing methods. In this context, the future of the global home appliance manufacturing division will produce what kind of change? The third manufacturing model where will be born? 
        Luo Qingqi: "The scale dividend" appliance manufacturing has been the "demand dividend" is replaced, the future of the industry, the focus of competition from the scale of war transferred to the platform war. 
        The rapid development of the Internet has changed the entire economy logic, companies can no longer see the manufacture manufacturing of thinking, but thinking to use the Internet to change, in essence is to have users thinking and platform thinking. On the appliance manufacturing industry, companies want to build an open platform, with fully interactive user needs, integrate resources around the user forming quality resources worldwide interests ecosystem. Only in this way, development, demand, manufacturing will be linked together, all aspects of the supply chain, industrial chain will be "parallel operation" according to user needs, which is a subversion of the traditional manufacturing model. 
        China Industrial Revolution and the first two are isolated outer different, the third industrial revolution of the global appliance manufacturers to stand on the same starting line, the competition is the ability of all businesses insight into user needs and meet user needs. On the practice of the current business situation, Changhong and other Chinese companies are intelligent manufacturing areas to explore and try to open up its focus on intelligent user resource development, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent trading three platforms can be said that China's home appliance manufacturers to third manufacturing model transformation of a rehearsal.